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Mitchell Traver

As we reflect upon the soon-to-be yesteryear, a friend of ours proposed to summarize what Christ did in our lives through social media. Her idea, a simple yet special thought, was to use 140 words to publicly declare God's glory in intervention through large or small events. However, this is not a challenge simply for us; it's for anyone who has experienced the living Spirit of God in 2014. Take a look at the following video as we explain the challenge in further detail:

To take part in this challenge, simply:

  1. Reflect on what Christ did in your life in 2014
  2. Find a way to narrow it down to 140 words
  3. Add "#JesusDid" to the end
  4. Publish it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Let's get this movement going worldwide! Happy New Year, and remember that #JesusDid.