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My "One Word" for 2017

Spencer Traver

That's my "one word" for 2017: love. As I approach important life events, like graduation and my job search, and as I pursue deeper relationships in my life, I pray God will give me the strength for all of it to be marked by love. And for the things I can't quite see yet, I pray God will remind me in those moments to choose love then, also. For when we choose love, we choose God himself, and His plans for our life are always better than our own.

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Bibles & Booze: How Christians Should Handle Alcohol

Spencer Traver

We filmed this video knowing we could not cover everything we wanted to say in ten to twenty minutes. With this in mind, we've created an external resource for you to read through in a deeper context. As always, you're more than welcome to contact us with your questions and concerns. Neither of us are perfect, nor are we omniscient. Please email us at Blessings!

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